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The history of the Braastad family stretchesover centuries, but the story of Braastad Cognac started in 1875 when a young man founded his very own House of Cognac on the banks of the River Charente. Five generations later, we are still making world-class cognac, applying the same care and craftsmanship as our founder did over 130 years ago.

Médéric Tiffon founded the Tiffon House of Cognac on the banks of the river Charente at a time when about 30 other such houses existed. Médéric chose his spot wisely, near  the centre of the village of Jarnac, close to other world-renowned cognac houses such as Alexandre Bisquit and Courvoisier. And as the distillery was sited on the southern bank of the river, it was, and still is, located in Cognac’s Premier Cru, the Grande Champagne.


CHATEAU DE TRIAC. Our grandfather, Sverre Braastad, bought Château de Triac in the 1940s. He and our grandmother, Edith, used to gather all their eight children and numerous grandchildren together for dinner every Sunday at the castle. It was an important tradition and there was no excuse for not showing up. Our grandfather loved the place and lived there until he died, collecting firewoods outside the castle at the age of 99. 

COME VISIT. Today we use the castle for meetings and events, and welcome visitors through its doors. Our young niece, Karine Cessart, runs the castle. If you wish to visit, simply write to us, and we will provide information about the possibilities of a private tour or stay at the castle